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My workflow and final deliverables are geared towards high-end properties but I photograph all-kind of spaces, residential and commercial – big or small. Shoot pricing is based on an hourly rate, plus add-ons and travel time. My current rate is $100 an hour and it includes my methodical architecture style shoot plus some looser hand-held life-style vertical photographs, done specifically per Airbnb’s website format.

Small to moderate size homes: Approximately two to three hours to photograph, plus three to four hours of edit time. Approximately $500-$700 (plus travel time) for a complete set of photos.

Larger homes or more rooms, with extra details: Three to five hours to photograph, plus five to six hours of edit time. Approximately $800-$1,100 (plus travel time) for a complete set of photos. Please note that more involved locations with several buildings to capture (exterior and interior) can take a complete day to photograph properly. Contact me below for an estimate.

Aerial photography: $200 add-on to an existing photoshoot, $350 for a stand-alone shoot. Same rate for a video shoot plus my hourly rate for video editing time. I am a licensed FAA (Part 107) drone pilot.

Dusk photography: $200 add-on to an existing photoshoot. Dusk photography is quite an involved process, timing sunset plus additional lighting of the house, culminating in an editing process to combine everything into a single, final image.

Travel time: Half my hourly rate, if the property is over 30 minutes away from the village of Catskill.

Additional post-production/retouching: Specific retouching (such as removing electric wires, grass greening, etc.) will be billed at the hourly photography rate.

Turnaround-time: Two-three days per photoshoot. Expedited service is available for additional fee.

Deposit: Once we agree on a shoot date I’ll send an invoice for a deposit payment that confirms our engagement.


Images are made with a full-frame camera mounted to a tripod, using specialty architecture (tilt-shift) lenses. Each shot is carefully framed to feature the space in the best angle possible. Main spaces will be photographed from two or three important angles. I photograph with available light but also take additional exposures with a high-impact strobe (flash). Those exposures are later combined into a final shot in my studio in a meticulous post-production process. The combination of using existing light plus additional artificial light creates a very clean and detailed look in each final photo. The final result looks natural but also bright, airy and full of details.

On location the camera is remotely tethered to an iPad which helps me and my clients review the details on the spot and make adjustments to furniture and lights as needed. It is much easier to see and correct items on a larger screen and it contributes to a much better results.

For rental shoots I also provide an additional set of more loose, hand-held photographs that capture detailed vignettes, often as a vertical image which works very well on Airbnb’s website.

Note: The home needs to be clean, organized and ready to be photographed or the shoot will take longer to commence. I am happy to shift some furniture and accessories around to make a room look better but I am not there to style the home.


Alon Koppel Photography

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