Videos are shot in either 2k or 4k resolution using an array of equipment, including a handheld stabilizer, motorized slider and a drone for aerial footage. After capturing all the necessary footage we continue with a careful edit, and create sound design to accompany it when needed.

I provide complete video production and post-production services through my company, FusionLab, Inc. We think videography epitomizes our capabilities as a small creative team.

The final videos we create are often used by artists for documentation of their exhibitions, or by non-profit organizations to document themselves as a meansĀ to raiseĀ funding.

Below are some examples.

Art Omi is a blank canvas…

E M E L – M’errouh (From the soul) – Official Video

Produced by Little Human Records
Written and Directed by Emel Mathlouthi
Executive Producer: Ola Hultgren
Photography by Alon Koppel
Edited by Donna Madrigal & Niger Miles
Colorist: Niger Miles
Art director: Emel Mathlouthi
Stylist: Christina Haban
Style Directed by Emel Mathlouthi
Hair and Makeup: Angele Mercier
Gaffer: Eylul Biran
Assistant Camera: Asma Thabet
Art assistant: Lilia Von Bert & Asma Thabet
Director’s PA: Linda Bennett
Driver: Reena Mers
Location Scout: Lynette Murphy
Catering: Frenchette

Emel Mathlouthi – Wakers Of The Wind – (Official Video)

Produced by Little Human Records
Directed by Emel Mathlouthi
Director of Photography: Alon Koppel
Editing: Donna Madrigal
Studio footage: Emel Mathlouthi archive
Music and lyrics: Emel Mathlouthi
Music Production by Emel Mathlouthi, Steve Moore, Karim Attoumane and Amine Metani
Mixed by Chris Tabron, Mastered by Heba Kadry

Wave Farm (Property Tour Videos)

Director of Photography: Alon Koppel
Camera: Alon Koppel & Melissa Weaver
Editing: Melissa Weaver

Drone Latitudes (For Basilica Hudson’s 24-Hour Drone)

Photography and Editing: Alon Koppel

Antique ABCs (iPad and iPhone app promo)

Director of Photography: Alon Koppel
Editing: Melissa Weaver

Hudson River Ice Yachts (Documentary promo)

Photography and Editing: Alon Koppel