Architectural Photography

We work with architects and interior designers, realtors,  publishers and homeowners to faithfully showcase their projects or properties across the region.

When photographing architecture we take our time to carefully position ourselves and our equipment in a manner that best translates the space into a strong image. Let our high-resolution interior shots, coupled with stabilized walk-through videos and, when appropriate, aerial photography, make a powerful documentation of your work, or help sell that special piece of property. A photography session often includes both exterior and interior photography as well as aerial photography. See samples of our architectural photography work.

Aerial Photography

We offer the services of licensed and insured aerial photography. Working often with high-end real estate agents to photograph homes from the air, and with various non-profit art organizations to document sculptures from angles that reveal further aspects of artwork. Alon Koppel is a certified FAA (Part 107) Drone Pilot and is available to photograph real estate, art installations, landscape design and more.

Safety is our utmost concern. Following the FAA rules and regulations as part of the certification process is an important part of our company’s standard of procedures and is embedded in our work ethics. We will only fly when it’s safe.

Contact us for more information on how we can work together and provide you with beautiful imagery from an aerial perspective. See samples of our aerial photography work.

Art Documentation

Being artists ourselves we feel a kinship with artists and the art-making process, which helps to inform us when documenting works of art. We work with international and local artists, individuals and organizations, to document artwork, the creative process, installations, and exhibitions. We are available to work both one-on-one or in production teams to help the artist or organization achieve the images they want to present to the world.

See samples of our art documentation work.

Portrait Photography

Photographing people and capturing their essence in a photo is a challenge. We always respect the process and work with the subject’s goal to create a singular, beautiful image. We use digital, film and large-format cameras to help us achieve results.

See samples of our portrait work.


We provide complete video production and post-production services. Videos are shot using an array of equipment in 2k and 4k resolution, including a handheld stabilizer, motorized slider and a drone for aerial footage. After capturing all the necessary footage we continue with a careful edit, and create sound design to accompany it when needed. We think videography epitomizes our capabilities as a small creative team.

The final videos we create are often used by artists for documentation of their exhibitions, or by non-profit organizations to document themselves as a means to raise funding.

See samples of our video work.